Applications launched on Monday (February 2) and are DUE by February 14th! Remember, all applicants are accepted! We simply need the applications for our records.

As a reminder, and for those of you who are new to our space, “Making Herstory is a created safe space for south OKC high school women and allies to learn about and discuss feminism, ethnic studies, and their own personal narratives as a form of social and political empowerment.”

This semester, we will continue to facilitate both our Beginner & Intermediate tracks of the 2014-2015 year.

Both facilitations will be held at Southern Oaks Library in Oklahoma City.

We expect a firm commitment to active participation in group discussions during class time by listening, contributing, & being on time. We ask you to commit to 4 weeks in the Making Herstory space. If after those 4 weeks, you do not feel benefited by our programs then no worries–you won’t be further committed.

The Beginner Program serves as an Introduction to Social Issues Affecting OKC and will include group discussions about Pop Culture, Spoken Word Poetry, the rise of Ethnic Studies, The Tulsa Greenwood Race Riots, the School-to-Prison Pipeline, & Immigration Reform.

We ask members continuing onto the Spring Beginner semester to apply, as well as students without previous exposure to Making HerStory. Ages of students may vary–looking for high school aged youth.

First Class: Monday, March 2, 2015.

Beginner Program Application (Survey begins after the Introduction)

The Intermediate Program will include more rigorous, critical questioning and discussions on societal issues affecting South OKC. Curriculum will include advanced-level discussions about Key Social Justice Terms, the Prison-Industrial Complex, Women of Color Feminism, & LGBTQ Rights Movements.

We ask members who have completed the Beginner Program OR are continuing onto the Spring Intermediate semester to apply. If you have not completed the Beginner Program, BUT feel like you already possess a strong knowledge about our topics, then we encourage you to apply to the Intermediate Program.

First Class: Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

Intermediate Program Application (Survey begins after the Introduction)

** Making Herstory encourages diversity, freedom of expression, and breaking away from the box, therefore topics for both programs are flexible and subject to change or modification.

**Further information on course requirements is available on each application and will be further discussed on the first day of each class!

Thank you for sharing in our excitement! Get ready to spark creative dialogue, speak your mind, & discuss strategies for creating lasting change!

–Making Herstory Team

Have additional questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Making Herstory Staff at: makingherstoryokc@gmail.com or via the Making HERstory facebook page !

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