Christopher Who? And The Disabilities Rights Movement.

Last week, in our Beginner Space, we facilitated a discussion on Christopher Columbus Day. We grabbed a few Columbus kids’ books from the Southern Oaks library and distributed them to our students. We discovered that although it is widely known that Columbus did not discover “The New World,” there is much debate over who did or if anyone did at all. Our members were surprised to discover how dramatically the diaries of Columbus contradict what children learn about him in most schools. After going through the books, we critically analyzed them using some of Howard Zinn’s texts. We asked our students what pieces of the books and texts stood out to them and followed up with more discussion. Our members decided instead of “Columbus Day,” or even “De Las Casas Day” (a slave owner turned advocate for slaves), we should have an Indigenous People’s Holiday. Our students described this session as “enlightening,” “interesting,” and “impactful.”


Last week, in our Intermediate Space, we discussed the disabilities rights movement. We used pictures/ads of people with disabilities from the 1800s to present day, and observed the stigma placed on them. We discussed how this stigma has lessened over the years, but still continues to exist. We also critically analyzed the lack of POC (People of Color) in the pictures we saw, and how the movement for disabilities rights – which resulted in federal enactments for equality – was created by grassroots led movements.


IN OTHER NEWS, this Thursday (November 6th from 5:30 to 7:30 PM) YOU are invited to attend a special Making HerStory workshop with guest facilitator, Betty Cao. Cao works at Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) in San Francisco on an organizing project to ensure that immigrant parents understand the educational systems where they live and are better able to raise THEIR voices in reference to those systems.

Cao will be doing a special workshop over Asian American/ Pacific Islander LGBTQ issues. Feel free to JOIN US – community members, friends, parents, college students, we want to invite you to learn more about Making Herstory AND meet our members! We hope you will come, learn, and grow with us regarding LGBTQ issues from the perspective of communities of color! You will also get a chance to meet Betty Cao and her awesome partner, Lynna Vong!

We want to give a big welcome to new CAA staff Betty ‘B’ Cao, who will be leading our parent organizing project to empower immigrant parents to raise their voices in our schools.

This was the first weekly update of many more! Remember, this is only Making Herstory’s first semester of the year! We also want to encourage anyone who’s interested in attending our facilitations to contact us at !

Remember to “like” us on Facebook at and to follow us on Instagram by searching ” makingherstoryokc ” .

Thank you for reading! We are grateful for your continued enthusiasm and support!

– The Making HerStory Team


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