Our Intermediate Track Update(:

Time to learn more about how our Intermediate track is progressing!! 🙂

You can find our Beginner Track updates in the previous blog post!

Session 1:
We spent time catching up with our students who’ve advanced to the intermediate track (after participating in beginner’s last year) and getting to know new members (those who already possessed enough basic knowledge about our topics to enter this level). Next, we had a guest professor from OU visit us who expressed interest in writing research over the work we have done/will do with Making HerStory (shout out to Jennifer). We then discussed COMMUNITY ACTION PLANS for the coming year that OUR members will create and implement WITH our community. Finally, we discussed future curriculum that members want including: transgender/queer POC facilitations, ISIS/US foreign war policy, WOC feminism, socioeconomic status/ethnic/etc privilege, environmental issues, and SO many other wonderful topics brought up by MH members!


Session 2:
During this session we spent time defining and discussing key social activist terms. By becoming familiar with these terms we can begin dissecting ongoing issues in Southside OKC. We also talked about the various waves of feminism and our hope for future, more inclusive feminism for WOC, trans, and other marginalized groups of people(s).


Session 3:
We spent time talking about our student’s Community Action Plans! Getting excited about where they’re headed! We delved deep into understanding phrases/words such as: institutional racism, privilege, hierarchies, etc. We also began our research with Jennifer to hopefully publish future articles on the space we’ve created through Making HerStory!


Session 4:
We facilitated a discussion on WOC feminists. Members searched the library for information on Nellie Wong, Cherrie Moraga, Audre Lorde, Mitsuye Yamada, Bell Hooks, and Gloria E. Anzaldua. Unfortunately there was a lack of queer WOC in our library system, so we used our electronics to find the information! To close this session we discussed the many moments we have been silenced. This was a intensely powerful discussion for our staff and students! Being able to speak about our experiences is essential! We are learning how to use our voices to break the silence!


Session 5:
We did group activities to discuss our personal narratives through various identities. We also used Nellie Wong’s “When I Was Growing Up” to discuss intersecting identities.


We pride ourselves on being a community-led, youth-driven, WOC organized youth empowerment organization! We are excited! We are powerful! We are learning! We are growing! Together we are Making HerStory!

Remember, from this point forward, you can look forward to WEEKLY updates for both our Intermediate and Beginner tracks!

Thank you for your support!

Much love!

– Making HerStory Team

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