Fall 2014 Application Extension


The NEW deadline for applications is SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2014.

“Making HERstory is a safe space for southside OKC high school students to learn about and discuss feminism, ethnic studies, and how their rich histories & personal narratives can be used as a form of empowerment to becoming socially and politically conscious beings of society.”


Did you know September 12, 2013, we began Making Herstory with our first facilitation?! Students from Westmoore HS, US Grant HS, Moore HS, Southeast HS, and Pathways were able to unite and interact with one another through community centered dialogue and get creative with their own community campaigns.

So far we’ve done recruitment/presentations at Pathways and LULAC, and plan to continue recruitment at South East High School and US Grant. However, you do not have to be a student at these schools to apply. If our programs spark your interest in the slightest, we encourage you to APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!

What our Intermediate Students are saying about their experiences with the Beginner Course in 2013…

“Making Herstory is like family. Making Herstory helped me tell my story.”

“Making Herstory helped me a lot in knowing that I wasn’t alone in questioning the things around me, and that there was a group that was willing to accept me.”

“[Making Herstory] helped me be more aware and see closely what is going on around us. More than anything it made me feel like, hey, yeah we CAN actually do something.”

“Making Herstory showed me that I had a right to be angry, and that there were ways to find justice in this world.”

“[Making Herstory] boosted my confidence up… it was me and will be me that is going to change history.”

Beginner Course Application

If you are a student without previous exposure to Making Herstory, this is the program for you! Ages of students may vary-–looking for high school aged youth.

First Class: Monday, September 15, 2014.

Intermediate Course Application

If you are a former student of Making Herstory OR an applicant who already posses a strong foundational understanding of our topics, this is the program for you! Be ready to dig into difficult and worthwhile discussions that further expand on the foundations you learned last year!

First Class: Thursday, September 18, 2014.

** Making Herstory encourages diversity, freedom of expression, and breaking away from the box, therefore topics for both programs are flexible and subject to change or modification.

**Further information on course requirements is available on each application and will be further discussed on the first day of each class!

Our classes begin in less than a month and we are beyond ecstatic to get to know you! Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm as we share in this journey.

— Making Herstory Team

Have additional questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact Making Herstory Staff at: makingherstoryokc@gmail.com or via the Making HERstory facebook page !

ALSO, make sure to “like” us on Facebook 🙂 !!

Making Herstory Facebook Page




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