Ivan Flores: Potential Closure Of Pathways Must Stop

On April 28, 2014, our whole school shook with great force. We found out that Pathways Middle College High School would no longer exist after June 30, 2014. This decision was made without consultation or consent from Pathways, Oklahoma City Community College, parents, teacher, students, or community members. Simply knowing that my senior class is the last graduating class from a successful school is just devastating. Without fail, Pathways Middle College High School has exceeded the expectations of a “successful” school. With the district stating Oklahoma City Public Schools is changing its profile and Pathways Middle College High School is only meeting some of the needs, I pose the question: what “needs” does Pathways Middle College High School not meet? Do they think that they can do away our school because of our size? Do they not see the growth of the achievements our school is exceeding each year?

I can reassure you that Pathways Middle College High School is a phenomenal school where we are challenged to succeed in life. The support that the Teachers and Staff brings is something indescribable…something you can’t find it in other schools. Take for example myself – through the help of Pathways, I received the Dell Scholarship. A full ride to any four-year university of our choice. I also received the Inclusion Leadership Program Scholarship at Oklahoma State University. Do they not see the student accomplishments thanks to the support of Pathways Middle College High School? Above all, we are determined to raise awareness of our potential school closure.

My Making Herstory family has decided to fight in solidarity to ensure my school is not closed. I ask that you help us! Sign the online petition, re-post the hashtag #SavePathways on social media outlets, and come to the Oklahoma City Public School Board meeting on Monday, April 5th at 6 PM – 900 North Klein Avenue to use your voice for justice!