Guest Blog Post: Sache Primeaux-Shaw

23 years ago last month, society saw themselves in the worst way. Rodney King, a Black construction worker was beaten nearly to death by the LAPD. This was not a scene that was foreign to the world because Black men were being beaten and lynched for two centuries. What was different about Rodney King, many would ask. It was 1991 and the Civil Rights movement “ended” in the late 1960s. This type of crime was usually committed by someone affliated with a hate group, the Klan perhaps. Not our men in blue. Fast forward to the 21st century and it’s the same story with different faces but these cases have ended in death. Amadou Diallo, Sean Bell, Oscar Grant and many others met this fate and when the conversation about police brutality is prompted, the race card is pulled from the other side.
Bring the conversation to 2012 and lets make the victim Native American, a tribal member living in Custer County, Oklahoma. Lets name him Benjamin Whiteshield and make him a member of the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes, one of the most powerful and proud this side of the Plains. Whitesheild was killed as a result of police brutality and the same card is pulled only this time its Red. It’s a discussion that when gone untouched, is proven to be deadly for men of color because this only implies that their lives do not matter. “The Black community has spoken out loudly about Police brutality and the Native American community is starting to make waves. There needs to be more acceptance of this problem across the board and fellow police officers need to remind their fellow officers to “serve and protect with honor.”

-Sache Primeaux-Shaw


Use this hashtag on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc; let’s get this trending! #endpolicebrutality


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