Help Make HERstory…


Making Herstory is a community organization that empowers southside OKC high school students to learn about and discuss feminism, social issues, and how their rich histories and personal narratives can be used as a form of empowerment to becoming socially-active and politically-conscious beings of society. Students are able to create a safe space to critically analyze society and “question” everything.  While we do our best to maintain a minimum budget, creating new experiences for these students is dependent upon the availability of funds and resources. By donating today, you are helping us shift the paradigms of teens who come from low-income and/or immigrant households. Through spaces like Making HERstory, we are able to create revolutionary and sustainable change – where young people are able to become active & vocal participants of our society, realizing the power they have. Thus, creating a more loving and safe community for themselves and future students in southside OKC. The process of Making HERstory is one of story telling and healing through what many students think of as their “second familia”. As a thank you, with a donation of $16 or more we will send you an official Making Herstory t-shirt!  Please spread the word!

Also, if you know of any local students in southside OKC interested – our “survey” is open until this coming Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

“Southside OKC needs an organization like this one because the youth throughout this community has the potential, it is just that they need the outreach – that empowerment. I can say that this group makes the difference and I am looking forward to be involved and represent Making HERStory.”

-Ivan Flores, Pathways Middle College High School

“Making HERstory has helped to better shape a part of me that I have been struggling with – allowing myself to express my thoughts in a positive surrounding. Since becoming a member of Making HERstory, I am more aware of what may be seen as trivial matters in today’s society and learn how to look at matters in depth and make connections to how these issues may have an affect on my life as both a female and woman of color.”

-Gerrica Rosales, Southeast High School